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Multimodal J.T international transport forwarder Shenzhen company ltd  is a first class international freight forwarding enterprises in shenzhen of China


Our purpose: with integrity, efficient, dedicated to new and old customers to provide a full range of international logistics services, shipping, air, sea and land, sea, rail transport, customs clearance to door services.


Localization development is very clear that is centered on global inland by point multimodal transport business line, along with the global basic to the shipping port, by air to the airport and other airline business.


Operating range


International shipping:

to the basic ports in the world by sea LCL, FCL to port ( the Middle East, India and Pakistan, red sea, Europe, Africa, South America)we agented the shipping carrier is MSK ,MSC,HPL ,CSAV ,CMA, HANJIN ,EMC ,KLINE ,APL,and so on .


The international air transport:

coverage of the world's major routes and price advantage. Guangzhou, shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong flight to India, Europe, South America, the Middle East by UL, CX ,CZ ,EK, TG,MP,SQ,UPS and on on


Multimodal transport:

advantage, relying on strong global agency network and branch for Chinese customers all over the country to provide basic port of shipment from China to CIS countries transfer (Chinese ports to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Ukraine inland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Nepal multimodal combined transport by rail and sea door to door.


Our company is the first professional to provide Chinese exporters from China started to southeast Europe countries, former yugoslav countries multimodal combined transport by rail and sea, sea, rail transport, multimodal transport international logistics supplier to the door. (including bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia) and Hungary, Austria and southeast Europe countries.


Port of China (barr, Montenegro) - Belgrade, Serbia/Montenegro, the capital, podgorica

Chinese ports, baal - bosnia - the capital of sarajevo

Port of China (durres, Albania) - Tirana (capitals) /(Skopje) Macedonia

Chinese ports (Croatia) - of - the card (Croatian capital Zagreb - west Sacramento - oce g - in Budapest, Hungary

Port of China (koper, Slovenia) - ljubljana (Slovenia) in the capital - in Vienna, Austria



Is also a professional to provide our company started from Chinese ports to the continent's landlocked countries of professional freight suppliers, and start from China to South Africa continental inland freight professional service providers.

Chinese ports - iquique Chile) - Bolivia's capital, sucre, take class

Chinese ports - Sao Paulo (Brazil) - / unfavorable for love, in the capital city of Asuncion (Argentina) - Asuncion Paraguay

Chinese ports - durban (South Africa) - the capital Gaborone, Botswana, Lusaka, Zambia's capital, harare, Zimbabwe's capital


Integrated logistics business

including warehousing, distribution, cargo insurance and consulting, agent trailer customs declaration and other comprehensive logistics services.

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