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Dell and VMware launch cloud infrastructure services

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Dell Services vice president and CTO (chief technology officer) 马克比尔格 (Mark Bilger), said Dell "unique value proposition," the company will provide managed security services. He said that managed security services will become part of Dell's service standards, rather than as an additional service for sale. The service called "Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service", will mainly target medium and large companies, its beta will start within a few weeks, plans for the fourth quarter, officially launched in the U.S. market next year, in Europe and Asian market launch.

Platform as a Service

Bier Ge said that Dell plans to launch next year a "Platform as a Service" products, this service will use Microsoft's Azure software; also will launch another OpenStack or Eucalyptus open source platform based on the infrastructure services, but Dell has not yet made the final decision.

Through the acquisition of IT services company Perot Systems deal, Dell has been providing application hosting services, its annual revenue of about $ 1 billion. Bier Ge said, these customers will renew the contract, Dell wants to standardize its the public cloud services. He pointed out that the more modern, and VMware-based environment should mean that the cost of Dell and its customers will decline. However, Perot's many customers from the health care industry, so Dell will need to allow the service to follow HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements. Bier Ge said that Dell plans to do so next year.

Dell will provide three levels of service, namely pay-service that costs up to each virtual machine; reserved services, ensuring availability of the server; and private services to provide customers with a dedicated server, after service will require customers to sign two-year service contract.

Dell did not disclose the price of these services. Bier Ge said Dell's these services compared to its competitors, with the services provided by "competitiveness"; But he also said the price of these services will be slightly higher than competitors' services, because it contains security features.

Strategic change

Use vCloud platform means in a sense of Dell's strategy changes. Over the past year, Dell has been in building their own virtual stack, including virtual integration system (VIS), and advanced infrastructure management (AIM) software. From now on, these products Dell will sell together with VMware software.

Bier Ge said, the customer need for private and public cloud services use the same software platform aims to connect up to become a "mixed cloud."
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